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Q 1 : What are the currencies, the deposit accounts can be opened?
Ans : NZD and USD
Q 2 : What types of accounts can be opened?
Ans :

Savings account
Account maintenance charges –subject to change time to time
Minimum balance requirements – subject to change time to time
Monthly interest – subject to change time to time

For details please click here.

Current accounts
Account maintenance charges - Yes

Minimum balance requirements - No
Monthly interest -No
Term deposit with interest fixed for different periods.

Q 3 : What formalities required to be completed to get the account opened?
Ans : You have to visit us along with the documents mentioned as under :-

  1. For security reasons and in order to comply with our legal obligations, we must gather information about, and verify your identity. In order to satisfy us as to your identity, you must provide:

    • passport; or
    • New Zealand driving licence along with a bank statement / credit card, debit card or eftpos card issued to you by a registered bank or a statement issued by a government agency (for example a statement from the Inland Revenue Department ) in the last 12 months.

    Or any other document as mentioned in Terms and conditions on our website.

  2. In order to satisfy us as to your address, you must provide us with any one of the following (so long as it contains your address on it) :

  3. Passport / driving license / voter’s ID Card
  4. telephone bill / electricity bill issued within the last three months;
  5. bank account statement issued within the last three months;
  6. income tax assessment order / income tax assessment order/ letter from employer/any document of communication issued by any local authority or governmental body issued within the last three months;
  7. any documentary evidence in support of residential address acceptable to us;
  8. for married people, proof of spouse’s address together with certified copies of marriage certificate are acceptable.
Q 4 : How long does it take to get the account opened?
Ans : The account is opened same day if all the required documents are presented.
Q 5 : Whether I can do the transactions in my accounts maintained with branches in India from your BOINZ branch?
Ans : No.
Q 6 : How I can make remittance to any bank account in other banks in India? Whether one has to visit the branch for remittance?
Ans : You can download the application form for remittance from website as under :

Home ->Deposit->Remittance Form
Then you can send by email the remittance form after completing the same. You need not visit the bank for the purpose.
Q 7 : Whether there are charges for remittance?
Ans : We offer free remittance facility four times in savings and two times in current accounts in a calendar month for non -business purposes.
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We are pleased to announce the launching of INR Remittance through Internet Banking. ** Terms & conditions apply.


Bank of India (New Zealand) Ltd opened third branch at Alexandra Street, Hamilton CBD.

Bank Of India (New Zealand) Ltd Pleased To Announce – Opening Shortly New Branch At Hamilton Shop No:4, 114-120 Alexandra Street, Hamilton Cbd .

Bank of India (NEW ZEALAND) Ltd., celebrating 5th Foundation Day

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